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Break the Line

There's a lot to celebrate in East Nashville

There is a line between a wealth of opportunities and a poverty
of choices. Martha O'Bryan Center's goal is to break that line.

who is breaking the line
M.L. RoseAustin Ray and his team at M.L. Rose have been loyal supporters for many years. Most recently, on July 4th both restaurant locations gave out free burgers to customers in return for a donation to the Center. With M.L. Rose's support, we are one step closer to breaking the cycle of poverty in Nashville. Thank you, M.L. Rose for your partnership and for continuing to Break the Line in our community!
Renaissance Hotel NashvilleKids Cafe is an oasis in a food desert. Since 1994, the housekeeping staff of the Renaissance Hotel Nashville has provided meals for our families at Kids Cafe. They prepare the food, deliver it on Monday and serve it to our community free of charge.

watermark logoWatermark Restaurant has created a recipe for success by starting a new, paid internship for graduates of our Second Rise Kitchen culinary program. Congratulations to Cherica Horton, the first intern and one of the first graduates of the Second Rise program.

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Join us and Break the Line

Show your support for Martha O'Bryan Center with a Break the Line T-shirt. [ learn more ]
Thanks to our supporters, volunteers, partners and the families we serve, we are together changing the expectations of achievement and engagement for all in East Nashville. Together, we are breaking the line.

If you are eager to make a difference, there are numerous ways to help. Monetary contributions help build our programs and increase enrollment; goods and services nourish the Center's resources; and volunteering your time makes all the difference. Click on the Donate or Volunteer links below to help us break the line.

Share your experiences and skills with East Nashville students and help them connect what they are learning in school with what they will need to succeed in work and life. Volunteer today with Nashville Promise Neighborhood partner organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee or Junior Achievement of MIddle Tennessee.

Area businesses can show support through a variety of ways, too - whether that be donating a percentage of sales, providing goods and services for fundraising events, or sponsoring a Martha O’Bryan program. If you know a business that would like to partner with us, please contact or at 615-254-1791 x 124 to find out how you can help.


How can I help?
Income poverty means simply the lack of income or a shortage of material goods, but human poverty means much more. It can include the loss of dignity, a sense of powerlessness, a lack of autonomy and control, and the feeling of being marginalized or excluded politically, socially, or psychologically. The deprivation of what most of society considers necessary can result in the diminution of aspirations and achievements, especially for children in poverty who are very aware of what they are missing. (Metropolitan Social Services Community Needs Evaluation 2011 Update)

East Nashville, with nationally recognized small businesses and restaurants, is a beacon of creativity, diversity, and acceptance; but ours is also a neighborhood where over 60% of high school students read on a sixth grade level or below, 9 of 10 children do not attend college, unemployment is 15% above the Davidson County average, and the drop out rate is 23% above the county average.

Since 1894, the Martha O'Bryan Center has provided resources to individuals and families, empowering them to achieve independence and success. We believe that communities are healthiest when parents are working and children are succeeding in schools.

Thanks to our supporters, volunteers, partners and the families we serve, we are together changing the expectations of achievement and engagement for all in East Nashville. We are breaking the line.


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