32nd Annual Purity Miss Martha's Ice Cream Crankin' and Summer Social

Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 Winners


Best of Show

Steve Morris (Hillsboro Presbyterian)

2 x Chocolate Cherry Oreos & Cream

Vanilla Based Flavors

First Place

Maralie Exton (Second Presbyterian)

This is How the Fruit Bar Crumbles

Second Place

Richard Exton (Second Presbyterian)

Professor Fezziwig's Lemon Honey Frosty

Third Place

Ruth Ann Veach (Westminster Presbyterian)


Chocolate Based Flavors

First Place

Steve Morris (Hillsboro Presbyterian)

2 x Chocolate Cherry Oreos and Cream

Second Place

Kristine and Emmit Vaslerskis (East Brentwood Presbyterian)

S'more S'mores

Third Place

Steve Morris (Hillsboro Presbyterian)

Preds Choc Rock

Other Based Flavors

First Place

Mayme Lee Lawrence (Glen Leven Presbyterian)

Predators Peachy Victory

Second Place

Dale and Barbara Roos  (First Presbyterian of Franklin)

Peachy Keen

Third Place

Cranksta's Paradise (Individuals)



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Juli and Ralph Mosley

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Molly and Daniel Ruberg

Joelle and Brant Phillips

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