About Next Up

Next UP is an organization of young leaders who support the greater mission of Martha O’Bryan Center (MOBC) in the Nashville.

Our Mission

Creating the next generation of Martha O'Bryan Center advocates among young leaders in the Greater Nashville Area through contributions, service and support.

Martha O’Bryan Center strives to “break the line” between poverty and potential by serving 10,000 Nashville individuals and families. Many of Martha O’Bryan Center’s programs focus on education, believing it is a mandate, not an option, for success.

NextUP is raising awareness among young leaders in our community who would like to be more involved in an organization that is giving people a hand up, not a hand out, through support, service and contributions.

Getting Involved

When volunteering your time by getting involved in programs within MOBC, you will see the direct impact you make in the community. From donating lunch hours to run Meals on Wheels to engaging in committee meetings with like-minded young professionals, your time can be the most important donation to NextUP and MOBC.

Why NextUP?

  • Serving on a committee can strengthen your resume
  • Great networking opportunities, meeting other talented young people in Nashville
  • Press release sent on your behalf when joining a committee, becoming committee chair or NextUP chairperson
  • Members Nomination every year for the Emerging Leaders Award and 40 Under 40.
  • Stepping stone to a future board position at MOBC or other non-profit

Applications for 2016-2017 are now closed. Check back soon for more information.

Have questions for a committee or chair person? Reach us via email.