2015-2016 Host Committee

Andy Faught (Chair), Chris Barrett, Libby Funke, Pete Jones, Kelsey Koper, Abby Spaulding,, Bob Waegelein, and Kristi Newton (MOBC liaison)

NextUP supports our mission through a Chairperson, Host Committee and four Sub-Committees: Events and Press, Fundraising & Sponsorships, Marketing and Social Media, and Membership and Outreach.

Host Committee

THe Host Committee will be responsible for the leadership of NextUP. The Host Committee will determine the calendar of events for the year to develop the annual strategic focus. The membership of the Host Committee is made up of the NextUP Chairperson, the Junior Board Member of Martha O'Bryan Center, a delegate from the Martha O'Bryan Center staff, and no more than a dozen Young Professionals from the Middle Tennessee area.

NextUp Chairperson

The NextUp Chairperson is responsible for leading NextUP towards the group mission. They convene all HOst Committee meetings, develop goals for members and set strategic vision with MOBC for the growth of the organization. The Committee Chair will serve a two-year term and be followed by another member of the NextUP host Committee chosen by Martha O'Bryan Center's delegate. Other primary responsibilities include being the point person for fundraising and sponsorships, as well as accounting for funds and operational support. 

Events Strategic Focus

This includes the logistics of all events such as Foodbank Throwdown, Open Hearts, Holiday Spirits, happy hour misers, and any other events geared to introducing Young Professionals to Martha O'Bryan Center. This will entail finding locations for events, setting agendas, developing a list of volunteer and donation needs, coordinating with committee members to disseminate information, updating websites and blogs, helping provide content for social media, etc.

Fundraising and Sponsorships Strategic Focus

Identify fundraising opportunities for Martha O'Bryan Center programs and NextUP events. Relationships will be developed with vendors, members and non-members of NextUP, and the community as a whole to support in-kind and monetary donations.

Marketing and Public Relations Strategic Focus

Coordinate with Events Team to create the overall marketing messages for each event and reach out to press for coverage both before and after the event. This focus will also maintain awareness of other events in Nashville where NextUP members should be involved such as YP Nashville, 40 Under 40, NELA, etc. Finally, this team will provide the designs for collateral and marketing initiatives. This team will also help to create press releases for new committee members.

Social Media Strategic Focus

Utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to highlight the work being done by NextUP and Martha O'Bryan Center. This includes regular, consistent, and strategic posts on various social media sites on a proactive basis. Be available to write short blogs, repost blogs, or find guest blog writers for the MOBC website to help generate social media content (6x a year).

Membership and Outreach Strategic Focus

Strategically discuss NextUP and recruit young professionals to become part of NextUP membership or to join the NextUP committee. To be effective, NextUP needs engaged members. Our organization's ability to serve the community, support Martha O'Bryan Center, and develop leaders capable of serving beyond NextUP is directly related to the size and strength of our organization's membership base. This group will develop a list of "members" to send out updates and events, build relationships with other young professional groups, attend networking events, etc.

Benefits of Membership

Help an organization that is changing the face of Nashville by breaking the line between poverty and potential. Below are some perks to provide value to our young professional volunteers:

  • Strengthens your resume in strategic places with focused areas of interest
  • Press release submitted when joining the committee
  • Nomination for Members for the Emerging Leaders Award and 40 Under 40, among others
  • Stepping stone to a Board position at Martha O'Bryan Center or other area non-profits
  • Network with other community-minded young professionals

Events and Meetings

There are several events and meetings throughout the year to increase awareness of Martha O’Bryan Center and raise funds/donations.  These include:

  • Host Committee Meetings Monthly
  • Open Hearts in February
  • Foodbank Throwdown in Spring
  • College Bound Bash in July
  • Career Days in Fall
  • Holiday Spirits in December
  • Various Happy Hour Fun


New committee members will attend a MOBC orientation to learn more about the charity we work to support. This entails a tour of Martha O'Bryan Center. We will also provide a packet of information on each program, as well as the events and meetings that are held each year. The orientation will last approximately 60 minutes.