Adult Education

Supporting Adults Learning

Adult Education at Martha O'Bryan Center offers adults, age 18 and older, an opportunity to:

- improve academic skills

- learn technology

- prepare for the state high school equivalency exam or college entrance exam

- become better equipped for employment and continuing education

- learn and practice self-advocacy

- gain the confidence and skills to advocate for personal and family needs at work and school, in the community and the home

Classroom instruction is Monday - Wednesday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Instructors schedule one-on-one tutorials in the afternoon and all day Thursdays, by appointment only.

HiSET testing is provided by appointment only (see below).

Program information

Adult Education at Martha O'Bryan Center is focused on the individual, beginning with a one-on-one enrollment appointment to discuss goals tour the program, and learn more about the support services provided by Martha O'Bryan Center. After initial testing, we provide a personalized digital learning plan that is used in the classroom, with instructor support, and can be accessed from any computer for continued learning. This approach prepares students for long-term success as they move from depending on a teacher at a single location to confidently completing independent assignments at any location. Adults can improve digital literacy and move to fluency through daily use of technology, navigating the internet and using email. They can also gain proficiency in documents and spreadsheets through the use of Google Docs.

HiSET Testing Information

As a State of Tennessee HiSET Testing site, we administer the required HiSET practice test and official exam.

Contact Information

For information regarding the program and test schedules, contact Judy Rye, (615) 254-1791 ext. 241 or

Click here for information on the HiSET exam.