Adult Education


The Adult Education program at Martha O'Bryan Center is designed to meet every adult wherever they are in their education. Its flipped classroom learning approach allows students to take control of their education and receive plenty of one-on-one tutoring and attention.

Students can take the official high school equivalency practice test and work with tutors to prepare for the exam or work on individual skills such as reading, math, and digital literacy. Many of the learning platforms are online, so students have the flexibility to work offsite.

The Adult Education program strives to equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to success academically, professionally, and personally. Regardless of your age or level of education the Adult Education program can empower you to reach your education goals.

Complete your high school diploma*

Increase your earning power                    

Go to College

Whatever your goal, you can do it!

Start now. There's no cost.

Adult Education at Martha O'Bryan Center

Instruction: Monday-Wednesday  8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Enrollment appointments available Monday - Thursday

To get start, please complete this form: Contact Form

Or contact Judy Rye at (615) 760-4041 or


Prepare for the HiSET* Exam with us and receive:

  • Personal attention with one-on-one instruction and support
  • Self-paced individualized learning plan based on your needs
  • Digital formatted lessons accessible from any internet connected device
  • Technology training and computer skill certification
  • Mastery of online learning and business email
  • Communication skills for employment and continuing education

Access Martha O'Bryan Center's full range of services, including counseling for personal and family needs, parenting classes, and food bank services.

*HiSET is now used instead of the GED in Tennessee.