Jobs Plus

Employment Program

Martha O'Bryan Center's Southside Campus is a proud Core Partner of Jobs Plus Nashville (JPN). Jobs Plus Nashville is the latest Job Development initiative awarded through a four-year grant to MDHA by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and is offered exclusively to residents of the Tony Sudekum and J.C. Napier communities. The $2.7 million award was presented to Nashville as one of only nine cities across the country to create and implement a program for Job Readiness and Digital Literacy training, as well as enhanced job opportunities.

JPN is designed to assist unemployed and underemployed residents of the Sudekum and Napier communities by providing intense and comprehensive training opportunities in workforce development to obtain much needed skillsets that will utlimately lead to employment. JPN is designed not to just assist individuals with getting a job, but to equip the residents with the tools and skills needed to move residents towards a career path and higher paying positions, ultimately leading towards self-sufficiency.

Martha O'Bryan Center's Southside Campus offers ongoing case management, job training services and direct referrals to employers. Resident who complete the program will receive a rent freeze from MDHA on income earned through employment until January 2020. Typically, rents in public housing communities is tied to earnings and rents rise as earnings rise. This benefit encourages residents to not only maintain employment but also learn how to save their additional income. The Mayor's Financial Empowerment Center, another Core Partner for Jobs Plus Nashville, will offer workshops and one-on-one financial counseling to encourage budgeting, reduce debt, and improve credit.

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