Post-Secondary Success Initiative

Academic and Social / Emotional Support Program

The Post-Secondary Success Initiative serves underrepresented and under-resourced first-generation college students primarily from the Stratford and Maplewood clusters of schools in East Nashville and the Adult Education program of Martha O'Bryan Center.

Through comprehensive transitional coaching, mentorship, and wrap-around service referrals, Post-Secondary Success optimizes the adjustment and persistence of low-income, primarily first-generation students, ensuring their post-secondary endeavors are successful, whether they pursue a degree,  join the military, or begin their career.

Eligible students enroll while in high school through our Academic Student Unions at Stratford and Maplewood High Schools or are referred to PSS by the MOBC Adult Education Program.

Post-Secondary Success works to create a network of support for first generation and low-income college students; ensure first-generation college students persist in college and graduate; and provide opportunities for first-generation college students to attain their highest aspirations in the post-secondary pursuits.

Post-Secondary Success services include:

  • Case Management / Coaching
  • High School & College Seminars and Workshops
  • Mentoring / Cohort Support
  • Tutoring
  • Linkage and Referrals
  • Career Readiness Training
  • Civic Engagement 
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Financial Literacy Education

What We Do

  • We provide powerful relationships in which client and success coach work to improve the quality of clients’ lives.
  • We help clients set better goals and then reach those goals.
  • We ask client to do more than they would have done on their own.
  • We provide the tools and support structure to accomplish more.

How We Do It

  • We accomplish this through dialogue, inquiry, goal-setting, accountability, and motivational techniques.

Our Focus Points

  • Strengthening personal foundation
  • Setting goals based on client’s personal values
  • Choosing effective perspectives that motivate positive action

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Post-Secondard Students, access PSS resources here:

"It is hard enough out there. Get all the help you can. Getting help really is just a part of that lifelong search for wisdom."

- Phil Knight