Family Engagement

Tied Together - Nurturing Strong Families, ages 0-4

Tied Together is a non-traditional parent education program.  Our model combines four core strategies including prevention and early intervention, empowerment and strengthening, development of supportive social networks, and promotion of broad community change.

Tied Together strengthens and educates parents so they are better able to facilitate the development of caring, competent, and healthy children. 

10 Sessions include:

  • The philosophy and practices of nurturing parenting; communicating with respect
  • Check-ups; building self-worth in children
  • Enhancing brain development in children and teens
  • ges and stages of infants and toddlers, teens and adolescents
  • raising children and their behavior; alternatives to spanking
  • Understanding feelings; learning positive ways to deal with stress and anger
  • Community health
  • Health and safety fair
  • Understanding and developing morals, values and family rules
  • Graduation ceremony

Tied Together is funded in part through the Tennessee Department of Children's Services.

Loving Solutions - A Parent's Guide to Raising Tough Kids, ages 5-10 years

Loving Solutions is a parenting education program designed specifically for parents raising difficult younger children. Using a behavioral model, Loving Solutions is structured based on cooperative learning norms with group learning activities to maximize both learning and interest. The "Steps of Success" home practice assignments create a solid foundation for change in the home.

10 two-hour sessions include:

  • Parenting the strong-willed child
  • Parental influence
  • Encouraging positive choices
  • Redirecting negative choices
  • Structuring for success
  • Improving school performance
  • Concrete solutions for tough kids
  • Sleep, diet and behavior
  • Stay the course
  • Recognizing and supporting success

Parent Project, Sr. - Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior, ages 11-18

Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior focuses on reducing family conflict, juvenile crime and recidivism, as well as improving school attendance and behavior. The program addresses critical issues including arguing and family conflict, poor school performance, truancy and dropouts, media influences, early teen sexuality, teen drug use, youth gangs, teen violence and bullying and runaways.

10 two-three hour sessions include:

  • Addressing problematic behavior
  • A parent's formula for success
  • Adolescent drug use
  • The out-of-control child
  • Considering relationships and developing action plans
  • Finding help and support
  • The dynamics of change
  • Managing conflict in the home
  • Active listening

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