Family Success Network

Martha O’Bryan Center’s Family Success Network is the next phase of our investments in families living in Cayce Homes (a neighborhood now named Boscobel Heights).

We are further advancing durable outcomes for our families with additional strategic investments, a careful growth trajectory now ready for the next phase thanks to investments from new and increased leadership funding in 2020.

Diagnosing and Treating the Causes, Not the Symptoms, of Poverty

     Traditional Human Services                                                                                                                         Family Success Network

Client sits across the table from providers. Traditional case management with agency as expert tracking client’s progress.

Client at the head of the table. Family Centered Coaching with client setting and tracking own goals with a team of professionals to support.


Goal is to help clients get a job, with training on interviewing and employment “soft skills.”

Goal is for client to keep the job and find a career path. Professional development is tailored to the client’s career goals.



Serves multiple generations with multiple programs.

Serves children and their caregivers together at the same time. Families become Kindergarten ready together and bring early learning into the home.


Financial assistance for eviction prevention and other emergency needs.

Financial coaching one-on-one for household budgeting and strategies to build capital.

Community building and recreation takes place in isolation from other socio-economic groups.

Building social capital with community and cultural opportunities in a center for a mixed-income neighborhood.

Child care is not provided or provided with cost and attendance restrictions.

High quality child care provided for free and with flexibility for various family schedules.



Beginning in 2017, MOBC conducted a Human-Centered Design Process with Cayce residents to incorporate lessons learned from its Academic Student Unions and recast its early childhood education programming as two-generational, whole-family programming. 

Our goal was to create an accessible and inclusive third space where community members would belong, to develop a two-gen framework that provides families with the tools, opportunities, and networks necessary for educational success, economic security, and holistic well-being, and to surround families with a team of support that would empower families achieve their individual goals. 

The resulting Family Success Network combines MOBC and partner services in a single setting, serving the child and parent together with coordinated hours.  Offerings include early learning interventions, parent education, high school equivalency prep, college/career coaching, health and wellness supports (developmental screenings, nutrition workshops, health advocacy), family and couples counseling, crisis supports, and recreation and fellowship opportunities.  Together, these services address key indicators surrounding education, employment, health/well-being, and social capital.  Family-Centered Coaching lies at the heart of this new framework, with families served as an inter-connected unit with coexistent goals. 

Based on assessment of strengths, needs, and wellness, families are assigned a Family Success Coach and a tiered level of support.  This includes regular one-on-one coaching and care coordination session with a family's total Martha O'Bryan Center team.