High School Education and Academic Student Unions

Preparing Students for Success

By providing vital year-round academic supports and a structured space for students to pursue their passions, our Academic Student Unions (ASUs) ensure students graduate from high school on time and transition seamlessly to post-secondary opportunities.  Designed to model a college student union, our ASUs are a one-stop-shop for high school students to receive academic, social and emotional, work and career, and college prep assistance. We are not an out-of-school program, as much as an all-school program. We operate all day, on-site at both Stratford and Maplewood High Schools, hosting assemblies, meeting with students over lunch, providing one-on-one tutoring and ACT preparation any time of the day, running up to 7:00 PM in the evening. This heightens our accessibility and builds trust with students, parents and faculty. Our programming is also open to the whole school with no prerequisites, academically or economically. No one is turned away, and we are there to meet students and families wherever their level of need lies.

Primary services include:

  • Daily tutoring, homework help, and ACT prep
  • Work readiness programming
  • Small group counseling
  • Leadership development
  • Enrichment activities in technology, music, and the arts
  • College exploration, application, and financial aid assistance

Additional key ASU features:

Students self select: ASUs focus on creating a culture that makes students want to attend and participate.

Academic Case Management: Case managers meet with students, parents and teachers to discuss grades, attendance, and progress toward individual goals.

Community Partnerships: Partners provide programming, staff, funding and supports to ensure that students needs are met.  Partners includes MNPS, Oasis Center, Family and Children's Services, and more.

Post-secondary pathways: ASUs partner with MOBC's Post-Secondary Success Initiative to work closely with institutions to  ensure students have access to, can afford, and will graduate from a best fit school.  

Opportunity Now

Nashville's Hub for Youth Employment, helping youth aged 16-18 get paid summer internship opportunities.

For more information, please contact ayockey@marthaobryan.org.