Daily Schedule

Sample Daily Schedule

Monday - Thursday

Welcome and Healthy Snack

Students sign into the program, grab a nutrition snack pack, and find their seat at the communal table. Seating assignments rotate throughout the year to provide a balanced mix of friendly faces and potential new relationships. Staff are also interspersed among students to ensure student needs are met. The Site Coordinator welcomes students, sets the tone and agenda for the day, and makes any important announcements.

  • 501 different students attend at least 1 day
  • 376 K-8 Students attended programming at least 30 days or more


Homework/Tutoring: Students who are in the same grade and have the same classes work collaboratively to complete homework. Tutors facilitate small groups and one-on-one lessons to ensure students complete assigned projects and are prepared for upcoming exams.

Reading/Writing Small Group: Based on results from our STAR Reading and STAR Math assessments, students will be pulled to small-group lessons that address specific skill deficiencies and promote mastery of grade-level standards. Helping students build foundational skill increases their success during the school day as well.

  • 83% of K-8 Students within 2nd to 8th grade showed growth in Reading
  • 97% of K-8 Students within K and 1st  grade showed growth in Early Literacy
  • 81% of  All K-8 Students showed growth in Math


Enrichment time is driven by student interests. Students complete a survey at the beginning of the year to help staff plan enrichment offerings and provide feedback throughout the year to ensure activities are in line with student expectations. We are well-equipped to design and conduct enrichment programming in-house but also build relationships with a number of community partners. Enrichment time also provides opportunities to address social-emotional needs through our Second Step curriculum.

  • 300 K-8 Students participated in our career exploration unit