K-8 Youth Development


Martha O'Bryan Center's K-8 Youth Development program serves vulnerable elementary and middle school students attending Stratford, Maplewood, and McGavock cluster schools. We specifically target youth who are isolated by poverty, without access to expanded educational opportunities, reliable transportation, healthy food, and other basic necessities. We offer comprehensive academic, social-emotional, and enrichment programming that meets or exceeds the opportunities accessible to middle and upper class families, thereby creating a culture of attainment and success in low-income communities. 

Nashville After Zone Alliance (NAZA)

NAZA is a partnership among Nashville Public Library, Metro School, and youth serving groups, is a network of coordinating afterschool programming for Metro Middle school students

  • Served 153 K-8 Middle School Students in the NAZA program between 3 sites

Bridge Supports

How does K- 8 prepare students for middle school?  High school? 

Our short-term goals are to help youth improve key reading and math skills, strengthen healthy social-emotional behaviors, and discover gifts and talents. We measure progress toward these goals using the following programmatic outcomes:

1. 85% of K-8 students will increase skills as measured by the STAR Early Literacy or STAR Reading assessments, or 85% of K-8 students (255 of 300) will increase their math skills as measured by the STAR math assessment.

2. 85% of K-8 students will improve coping skills, healthy social-emotional behaviors, and resiliency, as reflected by assessments that measure students' perception of program safety, support, and opportunity for growth in self-awareness.

3. 85% of K-8 students will increase knowledge of individual gifts/talents and future careers by participating in career exploration courses, measured by pre/post assessments.

4. 70% of K-8 students will attend programming at least 70% of the time, measured by daily sign-in sheets.

Achieving these outcomes ensures we prepare youth for long-term success, as they seamlessly transition to middle school, high school and set their sights on college and career. Imagine the sea change in their futures as these students go on to obtain their college degree and create a community where education is valued, employment is expected, and excellence is the norm.