East End Preparatory School

K-8 Public Charter School, currently serving students K-8

Mission: East End Preparatory School prepares scholars for college degree completion and success in the competitive world beyond, through academic excellence and cultivating habits of the mind that promote strength of character and intellect.

Vision: Success is not only defined by academics, but by holistic child development.  East End Prep's approach combines excellence in academics, character and virtues, the arts, and sports to provide an unmatched education in preparation for college and beyond. 

We have added many new scholar enrichment experiences this year to ensure the education scholars receive at East End Prep is not only academically rigorous but provides a wide ranch of rich experiences in the arts, sports, and more. We have added physical education, creative block play (K-2), coding and chess to our related arts class rotation (music and art), along with after school programming which includes, basketball, soccer, volleyball, drama, engineering ,running and more. 

Learn more at http://www.eastendprep.org